European Union Shipping

We currently offer delivery to the following European Union countries with the following rates:

< 300 €

300 - 1000 €

> 1000 €

Spain (1)

12,90 €


Portugal (2)

35 €


European Union - zone A
France (3), Germany, Italy (4)
Belgium, Netherlands, Austria

40 €

European Union - zone B
Denmark, Sweden, Finland
Ireland, Hungary, Czech Republic
Slovakia, Romania, Poland
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia

50 €

(1) Spain: excluding Ceuta, Melilla and Canarias
(2) Portugal: excluding Madeira and Açores
(3) France: excluding Corsica
(4) Italy: excluding Sicily and Sardinia
(*) Other European countries: contact us

Important notes:

  • Product shipping exceptions. Maximum weight allowed per shipment for this service: 40 kg. Due to shipping restrictions, some products may not eligible for this service (chemicals, mosaic tiles, custom products, exclusive brands, high-dimensional weight products like pipes, etc.). We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order for any of these reasons.
  • There are no import/export duties on goods shipped within the EU.
  • All goods shipped to EU countries already have the relevant VAT included.
  • If buying for a company eligible for VAT payment exclusion, please send your VAT identification number before placing the order.
  • Bank transfer orders will not be dispatched until the transaction has been verified.
  • We are unable to accept orders shipping to P.O. boxes.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any inquiries in regards to international shipping. We will be happy to help.